Turbulence is thought to be a primary driving force in the early stages of light formation

The light of creation resides deep within my skin
Even when looking out
I am looking in

Spinning the wheel of illusion
I sense the Earth in me
I look around
I look
I look
I look
I look at myself
I see the ocean and I break open
Both at once

But why am I 
Here, walking through time?
What is the purpose of dying
during the act of every living breath?

I had always known that my ending is my beginning 
But to walk
And to hold the hand of mystery 
even if it may lead towards a horizon of suffering
while remaining a smile
is to greet the dark with light

As I consider my own nature
I breathe my mind full 
With emptiness

Slowly I arise to see
The spoon of fear that feeds me

I only seem to live when I offer myself to become


Study of home
Learning that when I go high I will go low

The invisible moon hangs in the sky effortlessly 
How do I approach this fear with curiosity?

Embracing wholeness 
I reach into the dark unknown of my being
I pray that I may wake from a million lifetimes of dreaming
That the changing truth may rest in my form
Warm coolness
A layer of illusion falls from my body onto earth 
I am caressed by the sun and the shade 

And as I experience myself more fully
I experience life more fully

Moving along the landscape of loss and celebration 
How do I remain receptive amid the darkest valleys?

The beauty of perception is that we can change it.
A small bending of light
Alters our entire perspective of reality.

What if I would name this fear 
Of not feeling loved
or joyful
or alive
Or simply not feeling at all

What if I would name emptiness ‘Love’?
Would I melt into the heart of creation?

Melting means softening
To be with the flow of life 
I must move
I must move to the mood of the organic manifestation I am 
I must move with it
I must not hold onto it
I must also not loose my breath 
by moving too fast
So my breath 
can be given by nature

Show me how to flow with these altering winds…
Show me how to dance into the unfolding of my arrival…

Life is experienced through reflection 
Love is to reveal and blossom towards each other

Man comes from woman
Man is woman
Woman is man

Two mirrors see infinity
Double Being
My flower drips
Nectar of renewal
He licks my streaming womb

Nature, river of love
We carry the same waters
I carry them red

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